Month: October 2019

The Latest And Basic Fashion Trends For Any Fashion Follower

Fashion and clothing trends are always changing. With every seasonal change, clothing trends change too. Depending on the seasons, clothing trends re-inspired by how and what the models and celebrities are wearing. Although it’s hard for an everyday person to buy and afford expensive designer dresses for daily wears. Hence, someone with good fashion sense can match and 89mix preferred items and show up being more confident in themselves.

Which Colors Are Favorite In The Latest Fashion Trends?

This year, the favorite colors of the fashion trends are bold and bright colors like red and blue, neon colors like purple, green, or pink neon. Also, the 70’s colors like olive green, mustard yellows, and burnt oranges can be seen in the latest fashion trends. Moreover, Pastel colors are still a popular trend.

Consider wearing baby pinks, light blues, and purples as the weather becomes warm. And so, neutral colors like black and white can also be worn along with cream or camel pastels. Wearing these colors in your daily wear can easily give a chic and trendy look.

 The following are some basic and most fashionable clothing trends which any fashion freak can follow easily.

Animal Print

Animal prints are tried, tested, and true to be one of the favorite styles for decades. The leopard spots, zebra stripes, and snakeskin are the great animal prints among which snakeskin is the latest and most followed in this year’s fashion trends. Skirts, jackets, and shoes with snakeskin print can easily be found in the market, giving your outfit an ultimate bold look.


Every girl who follows the fashion trends must have a bit of feather in her closet. Fringe and feathers are one of the popular trends in this and the next years. Fringe on clothing and shoes can add a look to your outfit. Moreover, feathers on accessories and handbags can make you look trendy. For instance, fashion trends followers admire feathered earrings, fur scarfs, neckpieces, capes, and embroidered belts in accessories.

Bike Shorts

The runaways and celebrities like Kim K and Hailey Baldwin are rocking the bike shorts trend. This 80s trend is back with a lot of styling options. Like, pairing bike shorts with oversized sweaters along with boots is a stylish clothing trend.

Moreover, pair bike shorts with a white button-down shirt, cropped sweatshirt, or oversized blazer with pumps or sneakers, and you’re ready to rock the year with style. Because biker shorts is most likely in the fashion trends to stay this year and the next too.


Suits are an essential trend in the fashion world. Power suits are back in trend, making a person look remarkable and outstanding in a crowd. A power suit with bold colors like red and blue can make you stand out, giving you a sophisticated and graceful style. The noticeable thing about this trend is, the brand making this piece of clothing doesn’t matter because the power suit trend is never-ending.

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