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Ocean Grove - Kitchen RenovatorsThis is a popular single line contemporary kitchen. The polished floor and Marble counters give a natural touch to the straight lines and minimal design of the splashback and cabinetry
Here’s another example of a single-line kitchen with island. It’s technically not a galley kitchen, but is often referred to as one. This is a very popular design since it enjoys the benefits of a galley kitchen, but is brighter and more open.

Easy Working Triangle

It’s really easy to design a basic working triangle when designing a galley kitchen. As long as you keep the sink, oven and fridge grouped together you’ll find moving around a dream. A lot of designs work with two elements on one wall and the third placed between them on the wall opposite.

The compact working triangle is one of the advantages of a galley kitchen – the design makes it stress free when you’re preparing food as you don’t have to move about a great deal. Appliances, storage space and an abundance of benchtop space are all within a few steps of each other.

Space Saving

By nature, galley kitchens are small which generally benefits smaller homes and apartments by providing a great working kitchen without using a huge amount of space. Another obvious benefit is cost… smaller kitchens mean you save more.
Many galley kitchens make full use of vertical space by using wall cabinets and shelving units to create more storage space.

If you do choose a smaller style galley kitchen for your home then perhaps the best benefit of all is they are easier and faster to clean!

However, there is no rule saying galley kitchens have to be small! Many people with plenty of space choose a galley style kitchen for their homes

Galley/single line kitchen advantages
Great for small kitchen spaces
Save space in your house for other rooms
Everything is easily accessible
Benchtops on each side can be any length
Easy to clean!

Galley/single line kitchen disadvantages
Not good for more than one cook

Vision of the future kitchen
Vision of the future kitchen
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Kitchen Design Trends for 2015
Kitchen Design Trends for 2015
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