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Before beginning any home improvement project, it pays to research the costs of every step. It's best to choose materials, appliances and fixtures beforehand to ensure that each job doesn't get delayed and stays within the original budget. Even something as simple as cabinet hardware can change the cost of a project and influence the look of a finished kitchen. Homeowners looking to undertake a kitchen remodel should be ready to consider each element in terms of both style and price.


The size of the kitchen as well as the type of material chosen will have a big impact on how much it costs to replace flooring. Inexpensive vinyl and linoleum may save money in the short term, but it's important to consider how long these will last before they start to look old or worn. Wood and tile are attractive, longer-lasting options that require a bigger upfront investment. Homeowners should do the math beforehand to figure out what the most cost-effective choice will be. Based on national averages, installation can run around $3, 000, so it's important to know exactly what kind of floor is desired and how many square feet need to be replaced.


Adequate storage space is a must in any kitchen. Dishes, glassware and utensils all need to be kept safe and organized when not in use. Spices and other nonperishable ingredients should be stored close at hand to ensure quick access while cooking. Choosing cabinets means deciding whether to have a standard set installed or go for a custom fit as well as picking out the materials and colors that will look right in the available kitchen space. Cabinets and hardware are estimated to be the most expensive part of kitchen remodeling with the average price of installation being around $5, 600. Touching up existing cabinets can save a great deal of money at only around $460.


Countertop appearance and solidity are two other important elements in kitchen remodeling projects. Deciding on composition and layout before considering installation is essential to ensuring that the job is done right. Too little counter space makes it difficult to share the kitchen with family members and coordinate meals. Homeowners should consider whether they want only a preparation area or if a kitchen island, breakfast nook or other extra space is needed. Surface options range from inexpensive materials such as Formica to more expensive marble, stone and butcher block styles. After cabinets, counters are the most expensive part of remodeling a kitchen. Overall, the installation can run $3, 400 for completely new countertops while repairing existing fixtures is only about $420.


Sinks range from simple under-counter models perfect for washing hands and dishes to the extensive three-bay types found in restaurants. Most kitchens won't need more than one or two bays to get everyday tasks done. Like other fixtures around the kitchen, there are many materials that a sink may be made out of. Porcelain is one of the most popular, with stainless steel also being a common choice. Decorative glass sinks aren't as practical since it's too easy for them to become damaged or broken if something gets dropped inside. Homeowners should expect to pay around $2, 200 to install a new sink while replacing only the faucet fixture costs a little less, around $1, 300. The type of faucet makes an impact on the appearance of the kitchen. From basic models with two-way handles to elegant curved faucets with decorative hot and cold knobs, there are many styles to choose from.


New appliances have an impact on both the appearance and functionality of the kitchen. Growing families may need to invest in larger refrigerators and stoves while empty nesters are often looking to simplify and downgrade. Choosing Energy Star-rated appliances conserves energy and reduces the cost of future electric bills. However, the initial installation of an appliance averages $512 and may be more depending on location. Some appliance retailers include installation in the purchase price. Homeowners looking to save money on kitchen renovations should look into the details of these offers to ensure that they're legitimate and that the installation will be done correctly by a trained professional. Another option is to have existing appliances repaired or refinished to give them new life, a choice that costs between $200-$300.

Undertaking a full kitchen remodel is a big job that requires a lot of time and money. Homeowners looking to build a dream kitchen need to ensure that their budgets can accommodate materials, fixtures and appliances as well as installation costs. Complete kitchen renovations are estimated to cost an average of $21, 530, with high-end styles running an even bigger price tag. Regardless of the price tag, giving the kitchen a makeover is a sound investment when each part of the job is done right. It improves the look and value of the home while giving individuals and families a comfortable place to cook, eat and enjoy the company of friends.

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