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small kitchen design 1By David Markoff

In this apartment kitchen, the small space is best offset in a variety of ways that are possible for all small kitchens. Notice the kitchen table and chairs... the table is small and minimalist, and the chairs are transparent which gives the illusion of having a larger space. Window space is maximized, while a mirrored backsplash also creates a larger appearance for the small countertop space. The stove is built right in to the counter top, and wall space is utilized by a contemporary shelving unit holding spices and utensils.

In this example of a design for a small kitchen, the counter top space is best utilized with a highly functional kitchen sink, built-in stovetop, hanging utensils, and innovative use of drawer space underneath the main set of kitchen cabinets. The dark colored backsplash could be lightened to create a larger feeling space.

This modern contemporary small kitchen design goes far beyond the bounds of a traditional small kitchen. Beginning with the color scheme, this decidedly minimal, yet entirely functional small kitchen space is very 'bold' and clean. Notice how the bright work areas create a largeness along with the use of a glass bar top that doubles as an eating area.

The earthen color tones in this kitchen gently contrast and lift out the black countertop and refrigerator. Double stacked kitchen cabinets help to create a more versatile storage space, while the glass cabinet doors add to the spaciousness of the lighter colored wood cabinet doors. The high ceiling also helps to alleviate the small kitchen effect.

The white walls that so obviously contrast with the darker color of the kitchen cabinets give this small kitchen add to the perceived space, while the horizontal grain of the wood cabinets helps to spread the perception of increased size.

traditional small kitchen design Wow. This very contemporary small kitchen design is harsh industrial and sanitary, yet comforted by the softer colors of the walls and kitchen island door panels. Kitchen cabinet space is maximized without losing the minimalist effect of the design.

In this more traditional leaning contemporary small kitchen design the liberal use of red adds a dramatic effect that is enhanced by the 'space-age' materials. A far cry from our caveman days, no? The small kitchen table and tandem chairs, along with bar stools as secondary seating helps to conserve space. Open concept glass cabinet doors, utensil hangers, nick-nack shelving storage and bright lighting help to create a larger than small space in this kitchen design.


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White, white, white!!! White surfaces create 'perceived' space in a small kitchen. Actually, any of the brighter shades of color produces a larger perception of space, so using it as a primary color with darker accents best helps to add comfort to your most frequented area. Notice the open concept kitchen cabinets and storage spaces? And what about that glass cabinet door...?

Well, when available space is limited, ADD to it! This kitchen has been extended out over a cantilevered bay window area that helps to allow natural light in, as well as provide a scenic view while doing kitchenly chores. Notice the liberal use of WHITE. Clean, big, and helps to illuminate darker areas. A set of hanging kitchen cabinets over the near counter top would be the best functional use of that space.

contemporary small kitchen design This funky small kitchen design goes big on boldness. The almost fluorescent green wall color scheme, together with a white back splash help to create a personable comfort for this small kitchen. The use of wacky 'non-traditional' decor fixtures such as the bathroom mirror backsplash (a 'watch yourself cook' fetish?) adds to the personality of this small kitchen design. Notice the shale blackboard note minder on the divider face, and the shelving unit over the doorway...? Funky, eh!

No, this is not a chocolate mint doll house small kitchen design! The use of smaller kitchen appliances and kitchen sink along with extensive use of wall space for kitchen cabinets helps to greatly increase the functionality of this small kitchen design. Notice the curved glass cabinet doors? Or the nifty built-in rack above the oven cook/counter top?

So, did you get a nice Christmas bonus this year - maybe you can turn your small kitchen into a small luxury kitchen like this one. The teak-like finish is very rich and the styling is modern contemporary without being garishly minimalist. Functionality meets design in this example of a modern small kitchen. Ample cupboard space and well placed small appliances enhance the dual beauty of this design.

This and the next two photos are all of the same small kitchen, from different angles to show all of its attributes. In this picture you'll notice the very large kitchen light fixture that lends a futuristic feel to this small condominium kitchen design, and helps to enhance perceived size. Cabinet space is maximized without losing the open concept feeling - achieved by having one wall partially opened.

Looking at the wall partition, a stylish light fixture provides functional light, while dramatically adding to the futuristic contemporary feel, and allowing an open space into the front entranceway, making the whole area more inviting for guests.

Through the wall partition you can see the clever use of space. The kitchen sink is well designed to provide functionality and conserve space, Under-cabinet areas are well utilized, inner cupboard lighting enhances light and perceived space and small, well placed appliances achieve a balance of functionality.


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